Month: December 2017

Create a Windows virtual machine with you workstations PowerShell

Step 1 If you are running PowerShell locally, you also need to run  Login-AzureRmAccount  to create a connection with Azure. (note the Ids after login) Create resource group Create an Azure resource group with New-AzureRmResourceGroup. A resource group is…

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Install and configure Azure PowerShell

Step 1: Install PowerShellGet Installing items from the PowerShell Gallery requires the PowerShellGet module. Make sure you have the appropriate version of PowerShellGet and other system requirements. Run the following command to see if you have PowerShellGet installed…

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Account Operators full control rights on new accounts

Goal: Limit the permissions on an OU or sub OU to so that the Account Operators group does not have access to make any changes to the users in the OU Problem: Even with the Account Operators removed…

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